Sam Wilson will never be the Falcon again, according to Marvel.

Joaquin Torres took over as the new Falcon when Sam Wilson was named Captain America.

Joaquin has acquired the superhero moniker after playing the part for several years.

Sam Wilson cannot resume his previous incarnation as the Falcon now that he has been elevated to the position of Captain America alongside Steve Rogers.

His former buddy Joaquin Torres has assumed the post of Falcon, and with his most recent heroic outing

it appears that Joaquin will hold onto the position indefinitely.

Sam Wilson has been actively looking for some stolen vibranium in his capacity as Captain America.

He has followed it from the southernmost point of the United States to Latveria, where Dr. Doom reprimands him for violating his territory.

Black Panther is not pleased to discover them there without authorization since it turns out that Crossbones

has devised a trap for him to blame him for assaulting the African country.

The ability to communicate with birds is still one of Sam's Falcon abilities,

as can be shown in this issue, but the new Falcon, Joaquin, is quite amazing.