Alabama city disbands police force over racist text

Authorities claim that a police agency in Alabama was abolished after one of its officers sent a racist text message.

According to, the police force in Vincent, Alabama was dismantled last week during a contentious municipal council meeting. The police chief and deputy chief were fired.

We voted a resolution to eliminate the police department, according to Mayor James Latimore's statement to

On the Vincent police website, the chief, deputy chief, and officer were initially mentioned.

The council first placed them on hold. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office answered calls on Sunday.

On Sunday, neither Vincent's mayor nor the police promptly returned messages. According to allegations, a department employee made a text-based joke about a slave who was expecting.

The neighbourhood had been "ripped apart," according to councilman Corey Abrams, as a result of the text and department. 

According to Mr. Abrams, as long as we treat others equally, it doesn't matter what ethnicity we are.