COVID-19 CO WIN Booster Dose Certificate Download Online Using Mobile Number, SMS, Aadhaar Card

COVID-19 CO WIN Booster Dose Certificate Download Online Using Mobile Number, Aadhaar Card

CO-WIN Booster Dose Certificate Download: Getting immunized has evolved into a crucial practice for preventing Covid-19. The government offered the booster dosage for fully immunized persons to achieve this goal (completed Dose 1 & 2). Since that time, individuals have received their booster dosage in accordance with their immunization course plan.

Beginning in April, people aged 18 and above also began receiving their booster shots. Additionally, you can receive the preventative dosage at any local public or private immunization facility. Typically, after receiving a dose of vaccine, a person is given a certificate. This COVID vaccine certificate download in PDF serves as evidence that the individual has finished the required immunization dosage.

Use Of Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

The covid-19 booster certificate serves as proof that a person’s immunization program was effective. This certificate will eventually be needed to access numerous services. Every country is at risk from the covid-19, thus it is crucial that the inhabitants successfully finish the vaccine program. You frequently need to show your immunization record in order to attend public events. For overseas travel, you must similarly present your immunization record. You also need to present your proof of covid-19 immunization.

Ways To Download Covid-19 Booster Dose Certificate

You may get access to your Covid-19 Booster Certificate in a variety of ways. In essence, using their cellphone number, and Aadhar Card, and after completing a brief registration, a person may get the precaution dosage certificate. Additionally, you can receive the certificate through SMS. We have included the entire step-by-step instructions for each approach for this use. As a result, please be sure to review the information below.

How To Download Covid-19 Booster Dose Certificate Online?

In this part, the aforementioned techniques for downloading Booster Dose Certificates have been described. You may select whatever approach suits your needs the best. Before you do the activity, go through the following steps:

Vaccine Certificate Download By Mobile Number Via Cowin

  • First, go to, the official Cowin website.
  • Second, you must get to the website’s bottom section by scrolling down. Navigate to the “vaccination services” menu item and select “Download Certificate.”
  • Thirdly, a side window will start to open. You must now enter your mobile number.
  • Click the “Get OTP” button after that.
  • You will get an OTP on your registered cellphone number in a few seconds. After entering the number, press the “Verify and Proceed” button.
  • You may get your booster certificate right away after that.

Vaccine Certificate Download By Aadhaar Number Via Digilocker

  • Visit the Digilocker website at to start.
  • Next, enter “Covid-19” in the “Seach Documents” search box by scrolling down.
  • In the meanwhile, a choice for “Covid Vaccine Certificate” should appear in the search results. Launch it.
  • Use your Aadhar number and 6-digit security pin to sign in at last.
  • Next, locate the appropriate download link for the booster certificate.
  • Your certificate may now be downloaded successfully.

Download Covid-19 Booster Vaccine Certificate Via SMS

The covid-19 certificate is now available to citizens via WhatsApp SMS. This is a fantastic endeavor since it allows those who are not familiar with online browsing to choose it easily. Please refer to the following instructions in order to obtain the booster certificate via WhatsApp:

  • Save this number, “91 9013151515,” to your phone.
  • Open WhatsApp after that, then write a message to the previously stored number.
  • Send after typing “Covid Certificate.”
  • You will shortly after getting an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP one last time to receive your booster certificate.

COVID-19 Booster Dose Certificate Download: Key Links

Official Website For Downloading Booster Certificate:
Cowin Covid Certificate
DigiLocker Covid Certificate

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